Frequently Asked Questions

Village Council

Where and when is the next Village Council meeting?
Council meetings are held in the Village Offices. The meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month, unless it falls on a holiday or Council is unavailable. In these cases, the meeting will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

How do I get an item on the Council agenda?
A communication addressed to the President and Village Council briefly stating the request or concern of the individual must be submitted. The Clerk should receive it by Wednesday of the week prior in order to place the communication on the agenda for the next Council meeting.

Will I have a chance to speak at the Council meeting?
The President always gives an opportunity near the beginning of the meeting for residents to speak. (This is referred to as the “10 Minute Open Discussion.”) Also, if a resident's communication is on the agenda, the President will give them a chance to speak when Council is considering the concern.

Dallas Township Supervisor
(989) 640-3069

Township Board

Where and when is the next Township meeting?
Board meetings are held in the Township Offices at 225 S. Main Street. The meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month, unless it falls on a holiday or board is unavailable. In these cases, the meeting will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

The Clerk's Office
(989) 593-2542

What does the Clerk's Office do?

The Township Clerk’s Office handles all matters related to elections.

• Eligibility requirements to vote:


You must be a citizen of the United States


At least 18 years old by election day


You must be a resident of the State of Michigan and will be at least a 30 day resident of the Village or township by Election Day.

• A Resident can register to vote at the following locations:


The Township Clerk’s Office


Any Secretary of State Branch Office


Clinton County Clerk’s Office


Any armed forces recruitment office


Also, available on the web at the following sites:


• Registered Voters of the Village of Fowler may obtain an absentee voter ballot if:


60 years of age or older


They expect to be absent from the community in which they are a registered voter for the entire time the polls are open on Election Day.


Are not physically able to attend the polls without the assistance of another.


Cannot attend the polls because of the tenets of their religion.


They have been appointed an election precinct inspector in a precinct other than the precinct where they reside.


They cannot attend the polls because they are confined to jail awaiting arraignment or trial.


The Township Clerk’s Office maintains a list of eligible residents who requested that they receive absentee ballots for every regularly scheduled primary and general election. Registered voters that meet the above stated requirements may be placed on this list by calling the Township Clerk’s Office or sending a letter specifically requesting that they receive an application for AV Ballot.

NOTE: Absentee voting is governed by strict legal procedures. Complete information is available from the Township Clerk’s Office.

NOTARY PUBLIC: services available at a nominal fee.
Records Management
Repository for all official municipal documents.
Other Business
• Requests for public records
• Bid Openings
• Resolutions

How are the Village of Fowler and Dallas Township officials elected, and what are their terms of office?
Voters throughout the Township elect the Supervisor and Township Board “at large”. The Supervisor’s term of office is four years; Board terms are four years. Village residents will not only vote for Township officials but Village officials as well. The Village President’s term of office is two years and the Council’s terms are four year staggered terms.

How do I register to vote?
Citizens may register to vote at the Township Clerk's Office, at any Secretary of State branch office or by their “renewal by mail program” when you renew your driver’s license by mail, at the Clinton County Clerk's Office, at any armed forces recruitment office, or by completing a mail-in registration form and mailing it to the Township Clerk. The mail-in registration form is available at the Clerk's Office. Anyone who registers by mail, for the first time, must vote in person at the first election at which they vote.

Must I claim a political party preference to vote?
No. A political party preference is only required in a “closed” Presidential Preference Primary election. Michigan holds “open” presidential primaries, and thus no political party declaration is necessary.

How do I receive an absentee ballot?
Any registered voter of the Village can receive an absentee ballot if they meet any of the following criteria, he or she:


Expects to be absent from the community for the entire time the polls are open on Election Day


Is physically unable to attend the polls without the assistance of another person


Is sixty (60) years of age or older; or


Cannot attend the polls on Election Day because of religious beliefs.

How can I volunteer to serve on a Village Board or Commission?
Send a letter to the Village Clerk.

Where do I file a Freedom of Information request?
A request for information through the Freedom of Information Act can be filed in the Township and Village Clerk's Offices. A nominal fee, based on research and duplication costs, is charged for this service.

Where can I get copies of Village ordinances?
The Code of Ordinances for the Village can be found on this website. If you request paper copies of these ordinances a nominal fee may be charged.



What information is available through the Assessor’s Office?
Ownership Information, Property Data (i.e., square footage, lot size, etc.), Sales Data, Assessed and Taxable Values, Homestead Filing, Board of Review for Assessment Appeals.

What does the term “Assessed Value” mean?
The Assessed Value is generally one half (1/2) of the market value of the property, as determined by a two year market study. The term “State Equalized Value” (S.E.V.) simply means the Assessed Value after it has been finalized by the State of Michigan.

What does the term “Taxable Value” mean?
Taxable Value is the amount on which your property taxes are levied. Taxable Value increases are limited each year to an amount equal to the Inflation Rate or 5% (whichever is less), unless you have made physical changes to your property (such as tearing down a garage, or adding a deck), or you purchased your property in the prior year. If you purchased your home last year, your Taxable Value will be the same as your Assessed Value this year.

Why are my taxes higher than my neighbor’s taxes when our houses are so similar?
Taxes are based on Taxable Value, not Assessed Value. Even though your homes may be similar, and you may have similar Assessed Values your Taxable Values may not be similar at all, because Taxable Values are reflective of when each home last sold.

What is a “Homestead Exemption”?
The Homestead exemption exempts homeowners from 18 mills of school operating tax. To be eligible for this exemption you must be both the owner and occupant of the property, and have a valid Homestead Exemption Affidavit on file with the Assessor’s Office. The Notice of Assessment sent to you each February indicates the percentage of your property that is receiving this exemption (normally either 100% or 0%). Your tax bills indicate this as well.

What do I do with the Notice of Assessment I receive each March?
Review it. If you disagree with the property values, transfer status, or homestead percentage; contact the Assessor’s Office to discuss your concerns. If you are still unsatisfied, schedule an appointment with the March Board of Review. Keep the notice for the preparation of your income tax return next year, specifically the MI-1040CR.



When are taxes due?
Village taxes due between July 1 and Sept 15 penalties may be added to the base amount. Winter taxes [Township] are due between Dec. 1 and Feb 14.

What happens if I can’t pay my taxes on time?
Sept 16-30 add 1% to base amount.
Oct 1-31 add 2% to base amount.
Nov 1-30 add 3% to base amount.
Dec 1-31 add 4% to base amount
Jan 1-31 add 5% to base amount
Feb 1-14 add 6% to base amount
Feb 15 to 28/29 add 9% to base amount
March 1 taxes become delinquent and are turned over to the Clinton County Treasurer (989) 224-5280. Additional penalties are added to the base amount.

Do I have to come to the Village Office to pay my tax bill?
No. They can be paid by mail with a check or money order. They can also be deposited into the drop box located at the Village office at 225 N. Main Street. Payment will be returned if it is not the correct amount due.

What forms of payment are accepted by the Village?
The Village will accept cash, check or money order. If NSF check is received by the Village there is a $25.00 fee.

Are partial payments accepted on tax bills?
Yes, call for details.



Where do I pay my Water/Sewer bill?
At the Village offices 225 N. Main Street, PO Box 197, Fowler, MI  48835.

Is a drop box available?
Yes. A drop-off box is available at the Village office.

When do I receive my Water/Sewer Bill?
The Village mails bills on the 1st of each month for the previous quarter’s usage. Payments need to be received in the Village office by the 15th of the month following the month the bill is mailed.

Animal Control

Does my dog need to be on a leash?
Yes. Reasonable control must be exercised with dogs. Reasonable control means keeping a dog on a suitable leash while off the premises of the owner or custodian, unless the dog is confined in a closed vehicle or shipping receptacle. Dogs must be licensed and on a leash. At your residence, your dog must remain “under your control”, which could mean in the house, or in a fenced area, or under your voice command and in your presence.

Can my dog run loose in the park?
No. All dogs must be on a leash. In addition, the owner must remove all animal droppings.

Do dogs need to be licensed?
Dogs are required to be registered, which you can do at the County Animal control facility or at the County Treasurer’s office. You must provide a copy of the current rabies vaccination certificate with expiration date, proof of spay or neuter of the dog if applicable. They will also need your name, address, phone number, vet's name, dog's name, breed, color, age and sex. You must provide a drivers license or state ID showing your date of birth to receive a senior citizen's discount. You must be 62 years of age or older to receive the discount.

What do I need to obtain an animal license and where do I go?
See above question/answer.

If a stray animal is picked up, where do the Code Enforcement Officers take it?
Cats and dogs are picked up by County Animal Control Officers and taken to the County Animal Control facility.

Who should I contact if bitten by an animal?
Always call 911, and a Police Officer will be dispatched.

Does the Police Department have records of lost animals?
The Police Department may help find lost animals, or the County Animal Control Facility.

Does the Police Department pick up lost or dead animals?
No. County Animal Control Officers may pick up dead dogs or cats, depending on the circumstances.

Will Code Officials pick up wild animals?
You must call a private pest control company. Check the phone book for animal removal services.


Public Works Department
(989) 593-2768

What's included in Public Works?

Brush - please see Question 4

Sewers - maintenance of Village sewer lines

Street Maintenance
• Street sweeping in spring and summer months
• Snow and ice control in winter months
• Leaf removal in fall months
• Temporary repairs - fill potholes
• Clear flooded streets
• Maintain traffic and street signs, paint curbs and legends (painted signs on the street)

Water Mains
• Village water lines and main breaks

Parks and Forestry
• Maintain Village grounds, parks, parking lots, and greenbelts: mow and litter and snow removal
• Village tree maintenance - planting, trimming, and/or removing

Park Facilities
• Maintain playground equipment

Motor Pool
• Garage for maintenance on all Village vehicles and equipment

What do I do about sanitary sewer backup?
First contact the Department of Public Works. They will check to ensure the backup was not caused by a problem in the public sewer main. Homeowners own and are responsible for sewer lead up to and including their connection to the public sewer main. It is best to contract a plumber that is capable of performing a video inspection of your sewer lead. If Public Works determines the public sewer main did not cause the problem, contact a plumber to inspect your connection.

How do I dispose of yard waste?
Grass and leaves can be deposited in cement “bunker” located east of Department of Public Works building.  Brush, limbs etc. may be deposited on burn pile further east of cement “bunker”.

If I have a to dig holes in my yard, for planting a tree or installing a fence, how do I find out if any water or sewer lines are buried there?
Call the Department of Public Works at 989-593-2768 for this information.

What do I do with household hazardous waste?
Questions for this service can be directed to Clinton County Waste Management at 989-224-5186.

If my trees are growing into the power lines, how do I get them trimmed?
Consumers Energy may be contacted at 1-800-477-5050 to address these concerns.

General Information about Residential Rubbish Collection
The Village does not provide residential rubbish collection but does contract for the service which is billed on the water/sewer bills on a quarterly basis.
Village residents may contact the Village Clerk to receive information regarding your rubbish collection options.


Planning Services
Village (989) 593-2080

The Village maintains code and planning departments. The services that both departments provide are as follows:
Building: permits
Code Assistance: property maintenance, and animal control (through the County)
Planning: land use and zoning standards compliance, rezoning, variances, site plan reviews, and merchant license use reviews

I have a raccoon in my yard. Will the Village remove it?
The Village does not provide animal removal. Please refer to the Yellow Pages under “Animal Removal Services” for a listing of private contractors.

Who do I talk to about an abandoned vehicle?
If the vehicle is on private property, Code Assistance can address the problem. If the vehicle is on a Village street, then Public Safety should be contacted.

There is a house next to my property that is unoccupied and may be a safety hazard. Who can I contact at the Village?
Code Assistance can address this concern.

Who do I talk to about burned out streetlights?
Contact the Village Clerk at 989-593-2080. Please provide an address at or near the streetlight and a location with respect to the address (i.e: front of address, side of address, etc.).  Or click on the Bulletin Board at and refer to the Consumers Energy note to report outage by phone or online.

Who do I talk to about a traffic signal that isn't working?
Contact the Village’s Public Work Department at 989-593-2768.

Who do I report dangerous sidewalks to, and who pays for the repairs?
Contact the Village’s Public Work Department at 989-593-2768. They will do a site visit to assess the situation. If repairs are necessary, the Village is responsible for cost for the repairs.

What should I do if there is a water leak near my house?
If the leak is located on your property, you will have to contact a plumber to do the repair. If the leak is located on public property, in the easement, call the Department of Public Works at 989-593-2768.

Are any street, water, or sewer projects planned for my street in the near future?
Contact the Village’s Public Work Department at 989-593-2768. Staff can provide information on planned improvements.



How do I check on the zoning of property?
Officials at the Village offices can assist you by checking the official Zoning Districts Map. In addition, the Zoning Ordinance is available for viewing on the Village’s web site.

Can I run a business from my home?
The Village's Zoning Ordinance allows some “home occupations” to be conducted from a residence. Contact the Village office regarding rules concerning the operation of the occupations.

Where can I get a Village map or a Zoning Districts map?
Maps of the Village and the Zoning Districts Map can be purchased at the Village Hall.

I have a large piece of property and would like to make it into two parcels, who do I contact?
The Village Council approves all lot splits and lot combinations in the Village then it is forwarded to the Township Assessor.

How can I get permission for a temporary banner or temporary sign?
The Village Clerk reviews and approves all requests for temporary signs and banners.

If I have to dig holes in my yard, for planting a tree or installing a fence, how do I find out if any water or sewer lines are buried there?
Call the Department of Public Works at 989-593-2768.


What kind of permits or licenses does the Village issue, and when do residents need them?
The Village requires permits for new additions or major alterations to existing buildings or new buildings. These applications can be found on the Village website

Why do I need a permit?
Getting a permit ensures that work conforms to all applicable Village/State codes. Compliance with codes ensures safety of the building occupants. Also, Clinton County Planning and Zoning requires an approved zoning permit from the Village of Fowler when applying for a county building permit.



If you have any questions, comments, or would like additional information about the Village of Fowler, please contact us today.