Recycling Preparation Tips

The following items can be recycled at the drop-off site located near the Fowler Village DPW.  The site is equipped with three separate containers.  Please be sure to only recycle those items listed below.  And PLEASE prepare materials according to posted guidelines.  It is especially important is to be sure to place items in the appropriate compartments.  When items are not placed in the appropriate compartment, all of the material must be landfilled.  Recycling decreases pollution, saves energy, conserves natural resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  It also creates jobs, generates revenues, and encourages capital investments, all of which stimulates the economy.  Thanks for doing your part, and recycling properly at the Village of Fowler recycling site.

Cardboard Container

Materials recycled: Old corrugated cardboard containers, brown bags, box board – including single-layer cereal boxes, shoe boxes, shirt boxes, etc.

How to prepare:  Flatten boxes, place materials commingled (no need to sort!) in large open top container. 

DO NOT:  Include pop or beer cartons.  Although these items are made of box board, they contain a plastic or metallic coating that is not recyclable. 

Mixed Papers Container

Materials recycled:  Newspapers, Magazines, Office Papers, Household Papers, Residential Mail, Phone Books

How to prepare:  Place mixed papers into any of the five compartments provided in the mixed papers container.  No need to sort, materials can be commingled.

DO NOT:  Include brown paper bags.  Please recycle brown bags in the cardboard container.

Rigid Items Container

Materials recycled:  Clear and brown glass, steel (tin) food cans, aluminum (includes cans, trays, foil, etc.) and #1 HDPE and #2 PET plastic bottles and containers.

How to prepare: Place containers into compartments labeled accordingly.  There is no need to sort items, all of the following items can be commingled into the collection container:  clear glass, brown glass, metal/aluminum containers, and plastic containers.

DO NOT:  Place material in the wrong compartment.  Doing so “contaminates” all of the items correctly placed in that compartment, and results in all of the items being landfilled and not recycled.

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